Monday, May 14, 2012

le pouf

Hello all! I'm back to show my newest creation: a pouf! I found this tutorial from Design*Sponge, and off I went to make a patchwork version.
side view

I had a fun time with this one, though I did mess up a bit (reversing the order of the pieces before sewing the second half together... confused me). However, I managed to figure it all out and voila, le pouf!

Also, how cute are these? I call them vests for feet. My feet stay warm, but can breathe.

Next up: finishing the gingham taffeta skirt, dress #29483 for Shayna, and a pom pom scarf. Stay tuned! xo


Laura Bean said...

Love it! That is awesome. I made a small fabric beach ball once and totally got all the pieces out of order, haha! Love the fabric you chose.

Ashley Osterer said...

thanks laur5a! where can i see your quilts?

Kathhy and Morrie said...

Ashley - not only am I totally impressed with your sewing skills and taste i think you take a great photo as well. I am very proud!