Monday, January 21, 2008

commercials that freak me out pt. 1 wtf?

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teenage hustling

so it's 3:42 a.m. and i'm creating a blog. so standard. i know it's like, hip, to be a college student who stays up all night and then brags about it, but really. so unhealthy. especially since i've just been eating strawberries/babka/gatorade and doing work all day. in fact my front door is still locked from.. yesterday. saturday. whatevs.
my deal: i'm a sophomore at UF. it's cold tonight. the spring semester is sort of just starting, and i want to graduate early so i am kicking my own ass by taking more classes that i shouldn't even be taking than i should be. (?) graduating early wouldn't be a huge issue if i didn't have 204820 prerequisites for the accelerated nursing/midwifery program i hope to enter after graduation. so i'm currently enrolled in bio, bio lab, chem, chem lab, trig, eating disorders, and human development. this translates into 15 hours of class a week (to which i actually have to go), plus 5 hours of online lectures/etc for eating disorders and human development. and 4 hours of chemistry work a day, as evidenced by my weekend spent (locked) in my room. when OWL (online web-based learning, if you will) yells at me for improperly entering my formulas, i just close my eyes and think of all the "PUSH!"es i'll be screaming later in life to remind me that this is soooo worth it. at least i have a lot of trip-hop to keep me going.
tomorrow we have no class. i've been told that i should spend the day relaxing. however, i'm not sure what this means. so, i'll probably spend the day writing essays for my italy summer abroad application, studying for the GREs, and cleaning the apartment (a.k.a. eating everything out of the refrigerator while it's being rearranged/emptied).
for now, i'm going to go try to sleep without my nightly glass of vino. it makes my arms feel funny. :(

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