Monday, January 30, 2012

chasing kids

i work at a preschool, which means i chase kids all day. also, sometimes they say funny things. here are some of my favorite:

me: when did you get your hair cut?
4-year-old: tomorrow.

3-year-old: i misseded you.

4-year-old: the midwives were kind.

2-year-old: i want to go to the farmers' market.

4-year-old: (raps entire Justin Bieber song)

2-year-old: i got a Dora haircut. who took my hair?

3-year-old: i don't need a pull-up. i'm a big sister!

me: my sister has a daughter who is 4, just like you. her name is Esther Shira.
4-year-old: is that a different language?
me: yes, it's Hebrew.
4-year-old: Hebrew! that's the language of the Hanukkah people!

to be continued.