Wednesday, February 13, 2008

library west

i'm in the library right now with 3 folders, 3 textbooks, a calculator, 2 open word documents, and seemingly endless amounts of work to do. the most immediate assignments are some math and my rome essay (both due tomorrow). however, i also have a few chapters of bio to read, 2 weeks' worth of online chem (OWL, loves it), a paper on the Virtual Child, aaaand i'll stop. anyway, instead of working on anything important, i'm thinking about how effing good one tree hill was last night and how badly i want Pinkberry right now (sorry ice cream, i'm dreaming of a different dessert). but far more exciting is something i do quite often but never cease to be amazed by: listening to music in a busy environment, watching people interact without hearing what they're saying. every time i do this, which is essentially all the time, i feel like i am watching the most unique movie i've ever seen. one of my favorite thinking processes while i'm in this position is inventing storylines that go along with whatever i'm listening to. for instance, there is a trio of students sitting at a table in my view. it is two girls and an african man (i cheated, i listened to his accent when i muted the song volume for a few seconds). i'm listening to wet sand by the red hot chili peppers, and africans make me think of africa, which in turn makes me think of the dessert, and that makes me think of dunes, and dunes are made of sand, which circles back to wet sand. as per this connection, wet sand is the perfect song to be on the soundtrack of their interaction. it also helps that wet sand has a really nice rhythm, and would be great on any movie soundtrack.
it is now about 3:40 into the song, and the climax is building. coincidentally, there was just an enormous surge of people entering my floor of the library. now i am speaking in the past tense: as that part of the song was building, the people came closer and closer to me, and the space around me became increasingly busy. i felt overwhelmed when the song reached its peak: kiedis jamming out with such intensity combined with seeing so many different colors of shirts at once made me a little panicky. but the music served its purpose and gave me a perfect ending: the traffic in here slowed down, and the chili peppers slowly faded out, leaving me wanting to continue listening to stadium arcadium for the next three weeks straight.
i probably wouldn't have noticed this if i wasn't trying to create the soundtrack of my life, but hey, i did, and it's a pretty dopetastic album.

Now playing: Jimmy Eat World - 23

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Courtney said...

i'm tempted to download wet sand now; that library seems like a fun place. later, cbls