Monday, February 11, 2008

happy birthday esther shira!

today/yesterday/february 10th is/was the first birthday of my niece, little esther shira menaged, child of natalie and (rabbi) eli menaged. this little "punum," if you will, is the cutest, funniest, silliest, sweetest, best eylash-batter you could ever meet, and i/my/family/the world am/is so lucky to have her. i can't believe she has been lighting up my life for a solid year already. although either her parents or i have/has to endure cross-country traveling so that i can listen to her high-pitched and shockingly cute shrieks, esther shira is a huge part of my everyday life. her optimism and curiosity give me endless joy and inspire me to learn as much as i can, because as her wise mom/my wise sister says that babies are always happy because they are always learning. so happy birthday to the littlest, happiest, most popular, and (sorry guys) my favorite party of my family.
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Courtney said...

happy belated birthday esther shira!! i love you so much!