Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shayna dress

since i got my sewing machine last saturday, i haven't been able to stop using it. really. potholders, pin cushions, stuffed animals, and finally, a dress for my niece Shayna! i got the pattern from Made by Rae and enlarged it to fit Shayna, and used rickrack instead of piping in the middle. i also made her a little bow to match. she has a little bit of room to grow into it, but it's so cute for now and i'm so pleased with how it turned out. enjoy the pictures! thanks Rae!


Ruth said...

Great job! It looks beautiful!! How did you enlarge it? I've made a number of newborn ones, but now need a 6 month one.

Ashley Osterer said...

thanks Ruth!
I used my copy machine to enlarge it. But if you don't have that option,
I'd just draw around the original pattern on a bigger sheet of paper. My 9-month bodice pattern is 12 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall (to the top of the straps). The middle part of the bodice measures 5.5 inches. So you can use your judgment with my measurements to make your own. I kept the skirt the same size because the gathering wasn't affected.
Good luck, and link me to pictures when you're done if you can!